3 Student Tips for Getting Great College Recommendation Letters

You're not the only student who will be asking teachers for help, so spend time on the details and be confident.   Asking for a  recommendation letter can be an intimidating task f...Read More

Average College Tuition

The average college tuition cost has dropped in the 2020-2021 academic year over the prior year across both public and private schools, U.S. News data shows.   A college's sticker price...Read More

Historical Development of Soccer Tactics (Part I):

The experience has taught that new tactics stemmed from rule changes or as an answer to perfected offensive and defensive tactics up until this point. From a 1-1-9 to a 1-1-2-7 The Scottish N...Read More

Historical Development of Soccer Tactics (Part II):

The 4-3-3 The 4-3-3 came with different strategies as demonstrated by the German team in 1972. Behind marking backs played a Libero (sweeper), who moved into the midfield position when the team...Read More

Academic Ranking of Conferences (Division 3):

CollegeSoccer.us has created an algorithm determining the academic rank without human subjectivity. We also included US News & World Report and their individual rankings of best universities and col...Read More
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