Training concepts for 13-year-olds

1. Tactics individual tactics (1 v. 1 training) team tactics moving with the ball back three and four overlapping switching quickly between attack and def...Read More

Better running for better soccer! (Part B)

The A-B-C's of running please click here to read Part A, Part C, Part D, Part E Skipping The takeoff leg should be completely extended in hip, knee, and foot at the apex of the jump. ...Read More

Better running for better soccer! (Part A)

A soccer player's speed and agility depend largely on his or her running coordination. However, running coordination is an aspect of youth training that is too often ignored in training today...Read More

Keep the pressure on!

Aggressive pressing in the opponent's half of the field is a high-pressure situation, in which the defenders invade the attackers' half and prevent them from building their attack. The key t...Read More

Bored with training? Get creative!

The best way to learn how to play soccer is simple: Play soccer! When your youth training program follows this philosophy, exercises for small groups that are based on game situations, from 1 v. 1 t...Read More