Drills: When in doubt...shoot! (Part B)

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Variation 2 & 3, Variation 4

Practice Model 1


  • Two goals with goalkeepers are set up facing each other diagonally (about 40 yards apart).
  • Players are divided into two groups of equal size. Each player has a ball.
  • Each group stands facing one of the goals.
  • A shooting line is marked off about 16 yards in front of each goal.

Exercise 1: Players dribble straight toward the goal and shoot.

Exercise 2: Players include a fake on the way to the goal.

Exercise 3: Players push the ball forward a few yards, then catch up with it at the line and shoot.

Exercise 4: Players juggle as they move up to the line, then volley at the goal.

Variation 1

  • A slalom course is set up in front of each goal.

Exercise 1: Slalom dribbling and shot on goal.

Exercise 2: Same as above, except the slalom course is set off to one side.

Exercise 3: Slalom dribbling with right/left foot only.